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Udayan Shri Educational and Welfare Association is a leading best NGO in India working for the empowerment of children, women, and financially backward people. We are continuously working for the betterment of a nation and world where every individual live life in its fullness. Udayan Shri involved in projects that are completely based on prosperity with equality and have an education-related agenda to it. We are consistently moving ahead for building a progressive nation where individuals are valued, the environment is preserved, and everyone lives with togetherness. Udayan Shri is a proud training partner of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) scheme which was initiated by honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. We are working in support of PMKVY scheme to make India the most developed nation in the world by employing every individual of the country.

Who We Are

India's Leading best NGO working for humanitarian needs in collaboration with governments and civil society.

What's Our Motivate

We aspire to bring socio-economic change in society by providing quality education to every individual of society.

What We Do

We work for children, families, and communities to address their issues of education and humanitarian emergencies.

What We Value

We preserve our values of equality, independence, humility, transparency, solidarity, accountability, neutrality, justice, and diversity.

Welcome to Udayan Shri

Udayan Shri Educational and Welfare Association is a leading NGO in India which has been established in 2008 to empower every single entity of India. The Udayan Shri intend to move forward with positive steps to resolve India’s burning issue of unemployment. The motive is to equip all individuals by providing adequate knowledge and improved skills so they can confidently prove India's competitiveness in the global market. Udayan Shri is consistently working for the well-being of children, financially backward group, and every individual who aspire to walk on the roadmap of developed India. Udayan Shri is a major training partner of governments Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY 2.0) scheme with hundreds of training centers actively working in all over India. The objective of PMKVY 2.0 is to encourage skills development for youth along with providing monetary rewards for trainees on the successful completion of approved training. Udayan Shri believes skill development is the driving force for the empowerment and development of the nation. As India is on the pathway of becoming a global economic powerhouse, it needs to prepare its workforce with best industry-oriented skills and well-directed knowledge to make India a developed economy. Udayan Shri firmly taking forward the skill development initiative started by the government of India.

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